Chipper’s Renovations can start with bare concrete or an existing, developed basement and turn it into the beautiful living space you desire. We also promote the use of Spray Guard over fiberglass insulation. It is an environmentally friendly, soy-based, CFC-free product. Factoring in the reduced labour cost of installing spray foam, the price is almost the same as traditional insulation but gives you 100% vapour seal. Our certified installer of Spray Guard will come out and get the job done.


From start to finish, Chipper’s Renovations begins with a design consultation and works with you to bring you to the end result. We install countertops of all makes, including granite, and install floors from ceramic to hardwood.

With our custom designed bathrooms, we provide expertise in plumbing, electrical, and flooring. Unlike some companies, we do not just cover up bathroom problems like leaks, cracks, and mold; we eliminate them and provide you with a beautiful and functional new bathroom.


There are few renovations that can add as much value to your home as a new kitchen. Even small upgrades can make a huge difference. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it should be renovated to reflect this. No matter what type of renovation you’re looking to do, give us a call and we’ll make it happen!


For all your outdoor needs, we specialize in building decks and fences. We offer all materials and all sizes, large and small. Composite and cedar decking is our specialty, and we can even arrange vinyl covered deck and special designs in composite. In addition to decking, we can also help you build a beautiful and rock-solid fence.


Chipper’s Renovations will help you make your home beautiful and maintenance-free. Our vinyl siding is maintenance-free, requires no painting, and can add exterior insulation to provide better comfort and energy efficiency. Along with new windows and doors, you will see significant savings in your energy costs and your house will look great. Fascia and cladding help with the appearance of your house and can be done in wide range of colours. Call today for free in-town estimates.


We can install doors and windows that are supplied by customer or we can measure and customize windows and doors based on the needs of the individual job. Maintenance free PVC windows do not rot. They increase energy efficiency by reducing heat inside in the summer and keeping the cold out in the winter. New windows look great and replace old windows that do not work. With new windows, you get a wider range of options and increase the value and curb appeal of your house.


Chipper’s Renovations can build additions to your home, cabin, or garage. For lots of us, our belongings expand to fill the available space. Lots of us don’t like to get rid of our belongings. Chipper’s has a solution for that. They can build an addition to your home, cabin, or garage. The addition can be used as a getaway from your belongings. It could also be used as a place to store some of your belongings. It can be used as space for more belongings. We can develop that additional space for you. What you do with that space is totally up to you. A man cave, craft room, or home theatre. Chipper’s Renovations can make it a reality.
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